Day care

Kita Kiriku Lucerne is a day nursery for children from 3 months old to school age. The admittance of children to our nursery takes place irrespective of ethnic origin, nationality, religious beliefs or earning capacity of the parents.

The Kita Kiriku Lucerne nursery holds a license of the guardianship agency of Lucerne (Luzerner Vormundschaftsbehörde) and works according to the guidelines of the SLV (Sozialvorsteher-Verband Kanton Luzern).

The nursery adheres to recognized educational principles. Every group of children is being supervised by a qualified nursery teacher and an apprentice or intern at all times.

The daily routine in the nursery is structured according to the individual needs of the children. The days at the nursery are well-balanced with a variety of activities like playing in- and outdoors and exploring their world in a stimulating environment, as well as eating and relaxing during down-times. Weather permitting we take the children outside every day, for them to let off steam, play and generally experience and enjoy the outdoors. There are many recreational areas, woods and play grounds close to the nursery which we visit frequently.
More information about our daily routine

Our premises are located closely to the bus stop “Löwendenkmal”, as well as the speed way and the main train station of Lucerne. The flat is in the Mall “Löwencenter”, an has around 9 rooms (420 m2), offers a cozy corner, comfortable sleep areas as well as playrooms with carefully selected toys and furniture to ensure safety and comfort for the children at Kiriku. Room for buggies is available.

Opening times
The nursery is currently open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm.

Holidays and Bank Holidays
The nursery closes on all federal and cantonal holidays. The nursery also remains closed between Christmas and New Year.

We provide all children with nutritionally balanced and tasty luncheons 11:00 am as well as breakfast at 8:45 am and an afternoon snack at 3:30 pm. We also have two snacks at 2 p.m. and at 5.30 p.m.

Hygiene and Security
All rooms are being cleaned and tidied daily. Our rooms are devoted to children ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

Health insurance, accident insurance and private liability insurance for the children are the parent responsibility of the parents.

Admission and Contract of Care
It is possible to enroll your child in the waiting list of our nursery (tentative enrolment). We need you to sign a contract of care to be able to admit your child to Kiriku on a regular basis. Every child joining our nursery will be given a certain time to settle into this new environment. The settling in period lasts for 4 Weeks and is structured according to the needs of each child individually. The parents play an important part during this settling in period, depending on the child, the presence of a parent will be required for some hours during these first days in the nursery.

Fees for the attendance of Kita Kiriku are charged on a monthly basis. 

Payment and Notice of Termination
Parents will be billed for the days as stipulated in the contract of care and the monthly fees are to be paid in advance. Payment of a deposit is not required. It is mandatory to arrange a standing order (bank or post bank) for the payment of the nursery fees to ensure timely payment.  Termination of the contract of care is possible at the end of each month with a notice period of three months.


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Kita Kiriku Luzern
Julia Wegner or Rahel Stocker
Zürichstrasse 5
6004 Luzern
Tel: 0041 (0)41 420 34 90

Email: kitakiriku@gmail.com